Tying Machine Garden Plant - Set 2
This tying stapler makes trellising your plants much more efficient than using zip ties and cable ties. Our tape tool can be used for different kinds of plants such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, flowers and the branches of plants. ...
$41.70 from $36.34
Artificial Dried Moss Baskets Plant - K
Mini Landscape Fake Flower is the best choice for weddings, parties, gardens, home decoration, outdoor booths and other occasions. Preserved Moss is perfect for adding detail to floral arrangements and wreaths. Also suitable for other crafts and hobbies including air...
from $16.71
Mini Artificial Plants
Artificial plants delicate and cute, perfect decorate your space - farmhouse, office, living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, balcony, desk, bookshelf, window sill, dining table etc.  Vivid and lush leaves, a chic flowerpot, adding more natural colour to your space. excellent...
$20.79 from $19.79
Gardening Tools Grafting Pruner
  Why do we recommend these garden grafting tools? Don't just take for granted what one reviewer says. Along with our own experts, analyzes the top professional reviews of the leading products and generates a score you can actually trust....
$22.98 from $18.77
Eco-Friendly Planting Nursery Bag
Biodegradable non-woven nursery bags plant grow bags fabric pots plants pouch home garden supply. Eco-friendly breathable and biodegradable non-woven material, no need to remove the bag when transplanting, improving the plant's survival rate.  Excellent water absorption and permeability, nutrient and moisture...
from $17.40
Manual Sprayer Adjustable Drink Bottle Spray
Miuline high-pressure air pump is comfortable to use and convenient to store. It is small and portable you can rotate the nozzle to quickly adust the water stream to meet your different needs it for being used with normal size...
from $15.57
Artificial Plants Green Palm Leaves - 18 leaves yellow
               These branches will light up any occasion--                                            -Add greenery to home!This Artificial Plant...
$17.35 from $16.35
Artificial Green Silk Hanging Vines
   Give a touch of nature and freshness to any occasion with these lifelike                                  FiveSeasonStuff Artificial Clematis Leaves / Vines! Those leaves are made...
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